“Alex Ryvchin has written a clear, readable chronicle of Zionism that skillfully places the case for Israel in its true historical context.”


- John Howard OM  AC, Former Prime Minister of Australia


“A fast-paced and unflinching history from a master writer. Ryvchin brilliantly chronicles the unbreakable 3,000-year-old bond between the Jewish people and the land of Zion and tells the story powerfully and definitively. A wonderful contribution to Jewish history.”

- Senator Linda Frum


“The clarity of Ryvchin’s storytelling captures the essence of Zionism and explains the Jewish desire to return home in a manner that will fascinate, educate and inspire.”


- Isaac Herzog, Chairman of the Jewish Agency


"This important book should be read by all Zionists who need intellectual and historical ammunition to fight against anti-Zionists and by all who question Zionism out of ignorance or misguided political correctness."


- Alan Dershowitz

The story of Zionism, the Jewish movement of national liberation that led to the founding of modern Israel, is animated by leaders possessed with rare vision and political genius. It is also a story of tragedy, false dawns and suffering on an incomprehensible scale. Above all, it is a story without precedent, that saw an ancient, scattered, persecuted people who had limped from one disaster to the next, achieving a return to freedom in the lands of their ancestors nearly two millennia after their exile. In this extraordinary feat of narrative history, Alex Ryvchin tells the gripping story of Zionism, a movement that has become one of the most controversial and least understood political concepts of our time, one that remains central to modern Jewish identity and to war and peace in the Middle East.